Razzle Dazzle Records

Razzle Dazzle Records


 Razzle Dazzle Records offers an eclectic mix of jazz, folk, rock, and independent music from a variety of artists.

I love all of these records and artists; each was a pleasure and a joy to produce.

Some of the links take you to other sites, since I'm not the one selling them. Buy them anyway!

(Got No) Razzle Dazzle was my senior project for my degree from Johnson State (which I received when I was 40.) All the songs are my own. Several of them are on Jeri Lynne Fraser's Just Use Your Love record.

Just Use Your Love is some of my best work to date. Gospel vocals produced by Walter C. Cunningham, with 7 of 9 songs written by me. Some great players on this record. Jeri and I are very proud of it.

I played piano Cyn Barrette's record, I Love Being Here With You, and had the pleasure of mastering it as well.