Web Developer

Web Developer

 Specializing in content management systems, dynamic web-pages in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and JQuery.

This page is entirely generated from a database, and edited with a browser.

Custom Development

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Online Journal
This is a custom content manager with a control panel.

Users can submit articles for consideration through an online form. These articles appear in a control panel, where the editor can review, edit, and publish them.

Remote-sensing database
This is a really cool one.

A sensor in Maine's Pleasant River sends data to the website every 15 minutes. The data is added to a database, and this page draws the data. You can view any of six parameters, and can download a specified range of data in a tab-delimited file.

Try setting the "from" range to the previous month.

General Content Management
This site uses three different database tables, one each for Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Brooksville, Maine
A small town website that uses my content management system.

Re-engineering and Adaptation

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Concrete5 CMS Development

I've chosen Concrete 5 CMS as a middle range site development environment. It is an open-source system with a wide variety of plug-ins and themes available. This site is generated using Concrete5. I've found it easier to use and understand than WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

I've deployed a number of other sites using Concrete 5. Here are a few.

  • Samirah Evans - adapted from a previous design. Fully maintained by Samirah's husband Chris.
  • Noah Ramos - also adapted from a previous design.
  • Town of Pomfret, VT - this uses a responsive design (looks great on cell phones or tablets)
  • bobmerrill.com - a brand new responsive design.